Basic Pop Up Card

Kids love pop up cards, and they are surprisingly simple to make.  The cutting, folding, and pasting are all forgiving if you don't do them exactly right.  You can make a card for any occasion - for the pop up use a drawing or a coloring picture.  Or cut up a photograph or a picture from an old magazine.

You will need:

1.  A piece of card stock or colored paper

2.  A picture to use for the pop up

3.  A ruler or tape

4.  Scissors

5.  Glue

A bunny pop up card
Measure the tabs for the pop up picture 1.  You will need tabs on the bottom of you picture so that you can glue it down.  Measure these out.  Measure at least four inches along the base of your picture.  The tab can be bigger if your picture is bigger.  Then measure down about half an inch.
Cut out the picture 2.  Cut out the tabs and your picture.  If the picture is thin and would tear easily, it is a good idea to cut a bubble around the bottom half.  You can see we left a bubble around the bottom half of our bunny.
Cut and fodl the tabs 3.  Fold you picture in half.  In the tab, cut it along the fold, just up to the bottom of the picture.  This will make two tabs.  Fold each one down.
Place the pop up on the card 4.  Fold the colored paper in half to make the card.  Decide where you want to attach your pop up picture.
Glue the pop up in place 5.  Imagine a triangle, with its top point in the middle line of the card.  You want to put the middle of your picture at that top point and glue or tape the tabs down along the lines that go down and out.  Adults:  A 45 degree angle is perfect, but the pop up will still work even if the angle is steeper or wider.
Making sure everything folds 6.  If you used glue, let it dry.  Carefully close your card.  Watch to make sure that the pop up folds into place without tearing.  When you open your card, you will be greeted with a pop up picture!

Who doesn't like to recieve a homemade greeting card?  Pop up card are especially fun and can be personalized for any holiday or occasion.  Put in a cake for a birthday, a tree or a present for Christmas, a heart for Valentine's Day...  You can have fun thinking of a cute personal message.  Don't forget to decorate the front as well!  Here is a lovely idea for a 3-D flower card.


This little paper fan is a fun craft that young children will enjoy.

Use masking tape to make messages on this colorful valentine.

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