Make a loop of yarnCrochet is the art of using a hook and yarn to make a weave.  Crochet is not difficult to learn and you only need to master a few basic stitches.  You can use them in various combinations to make  scarves, hats, sweaters, slippers, Christmas ornaments, baby clothes, afghans, pot holders, and many more projects.

You will need:

1.  Yarn.  Yarn comes in all colors.  Some is thick and some is thin.  Yarn is also made from various fibers.  Most of the readily available yarn you see in craft stores is acrylic.  This is fine for many projects, but if you are making a project to wear, use a natural fiber yarn, such as cotton, wool, or angora.

2.  A crochet hook.  Hooks come in all sizes.  It is easier to begin with a larger hook.  Later, when you are following a pattern, the pattern will tell you the best sized hook to use for that project.

Slip Stitch

You will make a slip stitch to begin your project.

 Make a loop of yarn  1.  Form a loop of yarn.  Make sure you cross the tail of the yarn in front.  Hold the loop in place with one hand.
 Wrap the end to the back and tuck it up through the loop 2.  Grip the tail, right below where it crosses the yarn.  Push it up through the loop, forming another loop, but don't pull the tail all the way through.
The loop is formed.  Pull tight. 3.  Grip the loop you just pulled up through the beginning loop.  Pull on the yarn to tighten the loop.
The final slip stitch

Your slip knot is ready.  You should be able to tighten in by pulling on the yarn.  Nothing should happen if you pull on the tail.

To begin, put your hook in the slip knot, and pull on the yarn to tighten the loop around the hook.  You are ready to make a chain stitch.


Chain Stitch

You will begin most projects by making a long chain.  This will form the base so you can work your other stitches.  You also will use a few chain stitches at the beginning of each new row, and sometimes to make decorative patterns in your work.

 A hook reaches through a slip stitch and grabs the yarn

1.  Begin by putting your hook through the slip knot and tightening the slip knot, as described above.

Wrap the yarn around the hook from back to front.


 The yarn is pulled back through the first loop 2.  Use the hook to catch the yarn.  Start to pull the yarn down, through the loop already on the hook.  It can be helpful to turn your hook slightly.
The stitch in complete

3.  Pull the yarn all the way through the loop that you already have on your hook.  It will form a new loop, leaving a chain stitch behind. 

Keep wrapping and pulling the yarn though the loop until you have as many chain stitches as the pattern requires.


Single Crochet

Single crochet is a simple basic stitch.  It will produce a tight weave. 

The yarn is wrapped around the hook 

 1.  If you have just completed your chain, turn (start going back in the other direction).  Skip the first chain stitch and make your first single crochet into the next chain stitch.  If you have just finished a row of single crochet, make one chain stitch and then turn.

Put your hook under the stitch.  Wrap the yarn around your hook from front to back.

 The crochet hook with two loops  2.  Catch the yarn with the hook, and pull it under the stitch.  You can turn your hook slightly so it will hold the yarn better.  You should have two loops on your hook.
The yarn is wrapped around the hook  3.  Wrap the yarn once more. 
 Pulling the yarn through the loops  4.  Pull it through both loops. 
 The finished single crochet

 5.  You should now have only one loop on your hook, and your single crochet stitch is complete.

Double Crochet

Double crochet will produce a looser weave than single crochet.  Because the stitch is "taller" you can make a project using double crochet much faster than you can make a project using single crochet. 

Wrap the yarn around the hook once

If you just finished your chain, turn, skip two stitches and then begin working your first double crochet into the next stitch.  If you  just completed a row, chain three, turn, and begin working the next row of double crochet.

1.  Wrap your yarn around your hook once.

Put hook through the stitch 2.  Put your hook under the next stitch, and wrap the yarn around the hook again.
Wrap the yarn around the hook again 3.  Pull the yarn under the stitch.  You should have three loops on your hook.
Pull the yarn through the stitch 4.  Wrap the yarn around your hook once, and then pull it through two of the loops on the hook.  You will have two loops remaining on your hook.
Wrap and pull again  
Wrap and pull yet again 5.  Wrap the yarn one more time, and pull it through the last two loops on the hook.  You will have one loop left on your hook.
A completed double crochet 6.  You have just made a double crochet stitch.



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Master these basic stitches and you will be able to make dozens of lovely crochet projects.

If you can tie a shoe, you can tie a lovely bow. It just takes one simple change in technique.