Onesie Banner for a Baby Shower

This onesie banner makes an adorable decoration.  It only takes a few minutes to cut out the paper onesies, pin them to the banner, and hang them across a wall or over a window.

You will need:

Onesie banner pattern.pdf

Colored paper


Yarn, ribbon, or cord


Colorful banner made with paper onesies and clothespins.
Cutting out a paper onesie.

Step 1.  Print the pattern and cut out onesies.

Print the pattern and cut it out.  Put it over a piece of colored paper.  Fold the top over the top edge of the paper.  You don't have to do this but it makes it much easier to hold the pattern still while you cut out the onesie.

Paper onesies hanging in a row

Step 2.  Assemble the banner.

Hang a piece of cord or ribbon across the area where you want the banner.  Attach the paper onesies with clothespins.

"Onesies" is a registered trademark in the United States, and is the brand name of an infant bodysuit manufactured by Gerber.  Gerber, as the owner of the trademark, refers to its product as onesies, with an S, but also claims rights to the name onesie.  However, the words onesie and onesies are so widely used that many people think of them as the generic term for baby and adult bodysuits.



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