Baby Carriage Card

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby with a baby carriage!  Despite the popularity of this rhyme among school-aged children, most parents prefer strollers to baby carriages.  However, there is something so cute about a baby carriage it would be a shame not to use them as a model for cards and decorations!  Make this card in your favorite colors.  You can substitute a bow for the button.

You will need:

Baby Carriage Pattern

Two sheets of colored paper



A button or a bow

A baby carraige card
The pieces to make a baby carragie card

Step 1.  Cut out the pieces.

Print the baby carriage pattern and use the pattern to cut out all the pieces.  Fold a large sheet of paper in half, place the carriage body pattern on the fold, and cut out the body of the baby carriage.  Cut the trim and wheel from a contrasting color.

A card shaped like a baby carraige

Step 2.  Assemble the paper pieces.

Glue the trim and wheel in place.

A baby carraige card

Step 3.  Finish the baby carriage card.

Finish the card with a button or bow.  Open the card and add a message.

Parents often need to hold and carry their babies and there are hundreds of items designed to make baby carrying easier.  Baskets, slings, backpacks, and cradle boards - there are options, galore.  Some of the oldest wheeled carriers were called prams.  They were designed to be pulled by goats or ponies.  Of course, they soon evolved into parent-pushed wheeled contraptions and have gone onto to take many sizes, shapes, and variants in design.


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