Apple Turkey

This turkey is built from an apple and various fruits and vegetables.  You can substitute items with whatever you have in the kitchen- be creative!  This is an especially fun craft for kids as they love working with edible materials.

*Looking for a sweeter version of this craft?  Try our Oreo Turkey.

You will need:

1  An apple

2. 9 toothpicks

3.  Olives, raisins, and thick carrot slices

4.  A radish or cherry tomato

A tukey made from and apple, a radish, raisins, olives, and carrot slices
Three toothpick stuck into an apple 1.  Push three toothpicks into the apple so that it will stand up.  Make sure you remove these before you eat the apple!
Raisins, olives, and a carrot slice on a toothpick

2.  To make the tail feathers, push onto the toothpick:

  1. A raisin
  2. An olive
  3. Another raisin
  4. Another olive
  5. Top with a carrot slice

Make five tail feathers.

Olives, raisins and carrots on toothpicks, stuck in an apple to look like a tail 3.  Push the tail feathers into the apple in a fan pattern.
Raisins, an olive, and a radish on a toothpick, to look like a turkey head 4.  To make the head, put a raisin, then an olive, then a raisin onto another toothpick.  Top with the radish or cherry tomato.
The head is added to the body 5.  Add the head to the front of the apple.  Your turkey is complete.

Even in prehistoric times, people got food stuck in their teeth.  And even in prehistoric times, people used toothpicks to get the food unstuck.  Early toothpicks were simply pointed sticks or any other pointed object: their use, after all, was quite utilitarian.  The double pointed wooden toothpick that we know was develop by Charles Forster in the nineteenth century.  Forster marketed his toothpicks so cleverly that his company was soon making and selling millions of toothpicks.  Using toothpicks at the table was once fashionable, but it is now considered somewhat unpleasant, although many restaurants still provide toothpicks for diners as they exit. 


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