4th of July Pinwheel Wreath

This red, white, and blue wreath is made from paper pinwheels.  It is a light enough to hang on your fridge with a magnet or you can hang it in a window.  This wreath uses eleven pinwheels and has a diameter of about 10 inches.  If you would like a bigger wreath, make more pinwheels or bigger pinwheels.  It is best to keep this wreath under a roof because the paper doesn't hold up well in rain or wind.

You will need:

Red and blue paper cut into six inch squares

A sheet of cardstock


Hot glue


A small piece of ribbon

Cutting the paper for the pinwheels

Step 1.  Cut the pinwheels.

Fold one of the pieces of paper from corner to corner.  Open it and then fold it from the other corner.  This should make an X shape on the paper.  Cut along each line of the X shape, stopping about 1/2 inch away from the center.  Cut all the paper squares in a similar way.

A pinwheel

Step 2.  Fold and glue the pinwheels.

Take one corner of the cut square and fold it to the center.  Glue it down.  Take the next corner, fold it into the center and glue it down.  Do this with all four corners.

A red and a blue pinwheel

Step 3.  Finish the pinwheels.

Glue a button to the center of each pinwheel.

A blue cardboard circle

Step 4.  Make a wreath form.

Cut a circle from the cardstock with an eight inch diameter.  Cut out the middle of the circle so it looks like a wreath.

A red, white, and blue pinwheel wreath

Step 5.  Make the wreath.

Arrange the pinwheels on the cardboard circle.  When you find a pattern you like, carefully glue them in place.  Use the ribbon to make a loop on the top of the wreath so you can hang it up.

On July 4, 1776, the Continental Congress voted to authorize a commitee to devise a national seal.  The colors chosen for this seal were red, white, and blue.  White was chosen to signify purity and innocence, red signifies valor and hardiness, and blue signifies perseverance, justice, and vigilance.  


If you can tie a shoe, you can tie a lovely bow. It just takes one simple change in technique.

Decorate for Independence Day with this paper wreath. Add some red, white, and blue to your home.

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