3-D Snowflake Ornament

This breathtaking homemade ornament looks impossibly intricate.  It is really made from three snowflakes which are shaped and glued together. You can use this method to turn any snowflake pattern into a 3-D snowflake.  Add glitter or beads if you like sparkly ornaments!

You will need:

White cotton thread

A size 6 crochet hook (2.75mm)

Thin cardboard

Three copies of the snowflake shaping pattern

Fabric stiffener

Straight pins

Hot glue or white craft glue

A small piece of thread or ribbon for hanging


 Step 1.  Crochet three snowflakes.

Chain 8.  Join.

Round 1.  Chain 4.  Work two double crochets into the ring.  *Chain 5.  Work three double crochets in the ring.  Repeat from the * until there are six groups of double crochets.  Chain 5.  Join.

Round 2.  Slip stitch into the next two double crochets and into the loop.  Chain 4.  Work one double crochet.  Chain 5.  Work two double crochet into the same loop.  *Chain 1.  Work two double crochet into the next loop.  Chain 5.  Work two double crochet in the same loop.  Repeat from the * all the way around.  Chain 1.  Join.

More Crocheted Ornament Patterns

Round 3.  Slip stitch in the next double cochet and into the loop.  Chain 1.  Work a single crochet.  Chain 5.  Work a treble crochet into the same loop.  *Chain 6.  Slip stitch in the third chain from the hook to form a picot.  Chain 6.  Slip stitch in the third chain from the hook to form a picot.  Chain 3.  Slip stitch in the third chain from the hook.  Chain 3 again.  Slip stitch in the thrid chain from the hook.  Now slip stitch into the base of the first picot in this cluster to form a group of three picots at the top of the point of the snowflake.


Chain 6.  Slip stitch in the third chain from the hook to form a picot.  Chain 3.  Work two treble in the same loop.  Chain 1.  Work one treble crochet in the space between the two double crochets.  Chain 1.^  Make two treble crochet in the next loop.  Repeat from the * to complete all the points of the snowflake.  On the last point, follow repeat only until the ^.  Join.  Tie off.  

 Step 2.  Starch the snowflakes.

Copy the snowflake shaping pattern and place it over a bulletin board and cover it with wax paper.  Dip one of the snowflakes into fabric stiffener.  Put it over the pattern and use pins to shape it.

For the other two snowflakes, put the other two patterns on the sheet of cardboard and cover them with wax paper.  Dip the snowflakes in the fabric stiffener, put them on the pattern, and pin them into shape, just as you did for the first snowflake.  Then carefully fold the cardboard to a 60 degree angle.  Tape it so it holds that angle.

Let all three snowflake dry over night.

Step 4.  Assemble the snowflake.

Carefully remove the pins and peel up the snowflakes.  Glue the "bent" snowflakes to the center of the flat snowflake.  Let the glue dry.

 Step 5.  Enjoy yor beautiful homemade ornament!

Add a loop of thread or ribbon, hang your snowflake on your tree, and enjoy its delicate beauty.


Although this snowflake is beautiful, it isn't shaped like a true snowflake; it has fourteen points!  True snowflake only have 6 points.  In spite of this, no two snowflakes are alike!


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