3-D Flower Card

This card is lovely for Mother's Day.   Once you know how to make the basic flower, you can change the pattern.  Try bigger or smaller flowers, use different colors, or put several flower on the same card.

You will need:

1.  A sheet of blue paper for the background.

2.  A strip of green paper + extra for stem and leaves

4.  Four 3" square

5.  A quarter circle of yellow paper, about 3 inches across

6.  Scissors

7.  Glue

Paste the grass and sun in place
 A piece of folded paper 1.   Take a square of paper.  Fold it in half.  Fold it in half again.
 The paper is folded diagonally 2.  Open the paper.  Now fold it diagonally.
 Pinch in the diagonal, fold back the edges 3.  Pinch the edges of the diagonal together.  Push back the top edges.
 Cut the edge in a petal pattern 4.  Trim the top in a wavy pattern.  This will be one petal of your flower.  Repeat with the other three squares.
More Craft Ideas
 Fringe the green paper so it will look like grass 5.  Take the green strip.  Cut a fringe along one edge.  Bend the cut edges up slightly.
 Fringe the yellow paper so it will look like the sun 6.  Cut the yellow paper with the cuts going in toward the corner.  Bend out slighty to form the rays of the sun.
 Glue the petals in place 7.  Glue the petals in place.
 Paste the grass and sun in place 8.  Paste on the grass, sun, and add a stem and petals.


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