Handprint and Footprint Rudolph Ornament

Make this Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer ornament with a child or grandchil and then you hang it on your Christmas tree year after year and enjoy the memories!  The pictured ornament is made with felt but foam sheets work well too.  Foam is somewhat stiffer than felt so you probably won't have to starch the ornament.  If you are looking for a quick and easy kids' craft, you can even use construction paper!  It may not last for years, but you and the kids are sure to have fun making this adorable reindeer!  

You will need:

1.  Dark brown felt or foam board

2.  Light brown felt or foam board

3.  Two large googly eyes

3.  A small amount of green and red foam

4.  A small red pompom

5.  Glue

6.  Spray on fabric stiffener (optional)

7.  A small amount of ribbon


 Step 1.  Cut out the handprints and footprint.

Cut out two handprints from dark brown felt and one footprint from light brown felt.  It is easiest to trace the hands and foot on paper and then cut out the paper, pin it on the felt, and cut our the felt.


 Step 2.  Glue the handprints and footprint together.

Glue the handprints together with the thumbs pointing outward.  This makes the reindeer's antlers. Glue the footprint on the handprints to make the reindeer's face.


 Step 3.  Finish the reindeer.

Add googly eyes and a pom pom nose.  If you would like, cut three holly leaves our of felt or foam and punch three holly berries out of red foam.

If your ornament is floppy, spray it with a stiffening spray or a starch.  Add a loop of ribbon and hang it on your tree!

Did you know that female reindeer can grow antlers?  So it is possible that at least some of those reindeer pulling Santa's sleigh are female. 


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