These spider web cookies are a scary Halloween treat! Frost on little spiders to make them extra scary.

Use a common gingerbread man cookie cutter to make this Halloween treat

Make a swarm of spooky bats with our pattern and some starched string. You will be able to use them year after year!

If you know the legend of the spiders, you will love this beautiful and unusual Christmas ornament.

Use handprints to make this Halloween placemat set. The placemats are fun to make and will become keepsakes as your children grow.

An easy tweak turns pigs-in-the-blanket into mummy wraps: a perfect Halloween treat.

Lunch bag tombstones are versatile Halloween decorations. Use them as placecards around a table. Fill them with candy for party favors. Turn them into luminaries to line your walk way, or line them up to make a graveyard.

Make this spooky little ghost with tulle and fabric stiffener. Then spray it with glow-in-the-dark paint and put the finished ghost in any dark corner or window for an other worldly glow!

Place these lighted ghosts in any dark corner or window.

Use these spider webs as table runners or hang them in windows or in corners.

Use oranges to make mini Jack 'o lanterns for your table. They are unusual and pretty, but easier to carve than pumpkins.

Welcome visitors with this cute wreath. Make it in fall colors, Halloween colors, or just your favorite colors.

These bat candy bar holders are perfect Halloween party favors or a fun way to give out chocolate bars to trick-or-treaters.

Turn your favorite jellos and puddings into Jack o' Lanterns, Frankensteins, and bats.

This jello bat makes an eye-catching centerpiece for a Halloween table.

Ghostly melt-in-your-mouth meringue cookies are a perfect Halloween treat.

Use fingerpaint handprints to make a black cat, a bat, and a spider. These fingerpaint animals make fun Halloween decorations for a home or a classroom.

The amazing colors make this Halloween desert stand out! It is easier than it looks.

No one will run away from these spiders - they are full of chocolate! Choose between two styles for these tasty, eight legged party favors.

Spooky but cute, these bats are made from brownies and candy bars. They are sure to be a hit for your Halloween party!

This pumpkin made from Rice Krispy treats makes a cute edible centerpiece.

A few extra touches turn a classic popcorn ball into a tasty and scary Halloween treat!

Make a whole swarm of these paper bats and hang them from the ceiling or in a window for an awesome Halloween craft vibe.

This penguin costume is adorable on toddlers and is quick, easy, and inexpensive to make.

Make a "Jack O' Lattern" but cutting a face into a luminary. It is still cute, but less messy and easier to "carve" than a pumpkin!

These little ghosts are adorable Halloween yard decorations and you probably already have everything you need to make them.

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