This diaper bouquet is an ideal centerpiece for a babyshower!

Use diapers to make this cute baby bassinet. It makes a perfect gift or centerpiece for a baby shower!

Give some flair to your small gifts by wrapping them in this purse shaped gift bag!

Are you giving a bottle of wine as a hostess gift? Add this adorable hat and scarf to make your gift memorable!

Make these little birds from stiffened cloth or colorful paper. Perch them all around your home!

Make this birdseed wreath, hang it in your yard, and enjoy watching all the birds it attracts!

Use these little wreaths to attract birds to your yard. You will be suprised by how easy and inexpensive they are.

Give a little flair to an otherwise simple gift bag by adding a tie and a pocket. It is the perfect way to wrap a gift for Father's Day.

This card not only looks like a pocket, it has a pocket! Tuck in an extra special message or a gift card.

This wallet card is a perfect way to give a gift card or cash. The stitching adds a unique, authentic touch.

An adorable gift or a decoration for a baby shower, this creeping, crawling caterpillar carries a bunch of diapers!

A diaper cake is a stunning centerpiece for a baby shower or a delightful gift to a new mom. Just like the name implies, this confection is made from diapers.

This banner is a cute way to decorate for a baby shower or a first birthday. Make it as long as you like by adding more paper onesies and choose the baby's favorite colors.

This baby carriage card is an adorable way to send congratulations to new parents.

What is cuter than a onesie? This onesie shaped card is perfect for a baby shower or a first birthday.

Your mother will love this little purse. Use her favorite colors to make this Mother's Day card and write a sweet message inside.

You'll be surprised how easy it is to make scratch lottery cards. The prizes are up to you!

This card is a perfect way to give cash. Fold a dollar bill (or a 5, 10 or 20 dollar bill) into a heart and use it to decorate the card.

Body bon bons are a decadent treat for your skin. They look like chocolates but they are really luxurious lotion, perfect for a pampering massage!

Birdseed wreaths are a pretty way to attract birds to your yard. They also make good gifts - perfect for the Christmas season.

An easy to make your own air freshener with your favorite scents.

These beautiful gift tags are made with rolled paper, using a technique called quilling.

Who doesn't need a needle and thread and a few pins from time to time? Keep them handy in this adorable sewing kit.

If you like baking, cookie bouquets are a tasty gift!

A quick way to add a personal touch to a gift card.

This kitchen angel is made from a dishtowel, dish cloth, and pot holder. It makes a cute hostess gift.

Delightfully fragrant, clove oranges are a holiday classic. They are easy and inexpensive, too!

Drop one of these "bombs" into your bath for a fizzy, fragrant soak.

Knot string to make this colorful bracelet.

These lovely gift tags showcase delicious herbs! Use your favorite herbs to make the leaf rubbings.

This bag is for small gifts. Choose a paper that will make it match the occasion.

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