Your mother will love this little purse. Use her favorite colors to make this Mother's Day card and write a sweet message inside.

This caterpillar cake is perfect for any spring party. Use one cupcake for each guest.

Turn a milk jug into decoupage storage dispenser for plastic grocery bags.

This craft illustrates how to use rubber bands to make striped Easter eggs.

The spring blossom tree is a fun craft. Children will love that they can munch on popcorn and use it to make "blossoms" on their tree.

This cute and crawly paper caterpillar is a perfect spring craft.

This Japanese technique turns a ball of plain mud into a piece of art.

You won't have any trouble convincing children to eat these carrots!

Jelly bean eggs rest in a delicious cookie basket.

You'll be surprised how easy it is to make scratch lottery cards. The prizes are up to you!