Handprint and Footprint Rudolph Ornament

Gilded Wreath

This shiny wreath is lovely hanging on a Christmas tree or equally lovely on a door or in a window.  Best of all, it is a quick, easy, and inexpensive craft.  Make this rustic ornament with a few twigs.  Then spray paint it silver or gold or leave it a natural color. 

What you need:

1.  Fifteen sticks, three inches long

Crochet a simple snowflake. Then use a simple trick to transform it into something extraordinary.

Make several of these Christmas trees and fill them with candy. They make wonderful gifts for children, students, nieces, nephews, etc.

Use colorful hard candies to make this stained glass Christmas ornament. Even if you don't want to hang them on the tree, they make a fun Christmas treat.

You won't believe how easy it is to make this sparkling ornament.

Here is a great Christmas craft to do with a preschooler. You can cut out the pieces from felt or foam board. Your little one can glue them together and make this cute ornament for your Christmas tree.

These tiny mittens make adorable ornaments, present toppers, or even key chains and brooches!

Turn an old t-shirt into a pretty fashion accessory! It just takes a simple braiding technique and a few stitches to make this headband.

These precious ballet slippers are only about an inch long. You can crochet them quickly. Use them for beautiful Christmas ornaments or even as present toppers, key chains, or jewelry.

This angel is made from colored popsicle sticks, and is a perfect craft to do with your children.

Use twigs to make this rustic Christmas tree. Add a few sequins and a topper and you will have a gorgeous ornament.

This clever stand-up version of a hand-print turkey adds some flair with tail feathers.

This gingerbread man made from stiffened burlap is an adorable addition to your Christmas tree.

Use salt dough or clay to make this little snowman and give him a scarf in a bright color. He is a perfect ornament for your tree.

These rustic heart and bird ornaments are amazingly simple and inexpensive. All you need is salt dough and spray paint.

These pasta ornaments are a fabulous family Christmas craft.

These ornaments, made with a cookie cutter and melted peppermints, are unusual, pretty, and delightfully fragrant.

These spider web cookies are a scary Halloween treat! Frost on little spiders to make them extra scary.

Use a common gingerbread man cookie cutter to make this Halloween treat


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